Boston Japanese Researchers Forum (BJRF)

About BJRF

The Boston Japanese Researchers Forum (BJRF) was established in 2000 by a group of Japanese researchers who were studying at MIT and Harvard. With goals of exchanging intellectual knowledge and promoting networking opportunities among Japanese researchers in the Greater Boston area, over 800 people from MIT, Harvard, Tufts, Boston University, Boston Collage, University of Massachusetts, and all other colleges in New England area are now registered for this forum. BJRF is the best-active Japanese community of its kind in the area, and for that reason, other professionals such as business owners, teachers, counselors, artists, and government officers are also becoming active members.

The forum organizes a monthly seminar on every third Saturday from September to May at MIT. In each month, we typically invite two speakers among BJRF members to talk on a variety of topics, including life sciences, arts, engineering, space sciences, health sciences, music, business, markets, Japanese cultures, physics, chemistry, geology, and/or politics. After the series of talks, the speakers and the attendees join a reception to openly discuss the talks, with light refreshments.

Although all lectures are given exclusively in Japanese, we are more than welcome for non-native Japanese speakers, who are interested in academic talks in Japanese. Our seminars provide you with a great opportunity to brush up your Japanese hearing/speaking skills, or expand your social circle to a Japanese researchers’ world. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Organizing Committee
Boston Japanese Researchers Forum